How to create a Route in DCC Fleet Management?

Posted By DCC

Oct 30, 2023 6 month(s) ago

To create a Route in our Fleet Management add-on, you need to first create the locations. For example - if you are transporting something from Location-A to Location-B then you have to add these both locations (if not exists) into Location Master under Route Management menu.

Once you define these locations, then go to the Route Master under System Configuration menu. Once Route Master window is opened enter a Route Code (your preferred code to identify route) and then choose Location-A into Origin Code field and Location-B into Destination Code field. It means your origin location is Location-A and destination is Location-B. Apart from inputting these fields, you need to enter other required information into this like Via, Exit Point, Trip Base Rate, Fuel Ratio, sales pricing, distance, expenses, required fuel, stoppages or checkpoints etc. to create a Route successfully.

There are some important things to note here while creating a route for example all the defined default expenses into Route will be auto approved in Trip Order therefore the control of Route window is recommended to allow authorized users only.

Once Route is successfully created then you can use this to plan your trip by choosing this in Shipment Order and as soon as you choose a Route in Shipment Order, all the default expenses those are setup on the Route Master will be populated automatically on Shipment Order to generate respective document in SAP Business One.

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