Web Portals

DoubleClick is a one-stop portal development provider. Our expertise allows building portal solutions that combine information access and content distribution with collaboration, workflow management and social networking mechanisms.

Based on the higher-level principles of being a single access point to various information resources, web and enterprise portals unite data sources, content and applications in one place and make them available for users depending on a wide range of business objectives and user roles. A portal from DoubleClick Consulting can assist you with following business processes.

  • Effective Customer Interactions - Your web portal serves as a platform for customers to engage with your business on web and mobile devices.
  • Streamlined Business Operations - Synchronize various critical business processes and operations through automation and integration with third party systems.
  • Seamless Integration with third party tools - Our modular approach to building your web portal ensures easy future enhancements and seamless third party integrations with your existing portal.
  • Secure Access - Login and other key pages that transmit customer information are secured using SSL to ensure that your customers can securely provide personal and financial information on your site with total confidence.
  • Multi User Access - With multiple user access being a norm in businesses today, we use tools and frameworks with built in capabilities to accommodate role/permission based access with well defined permissions for each user type.
  • Content Management Capabilities - Periodic update of web content is a basic and fundamental necessity for businesses with online presence. We understand that web content publishing involves a rigorous vetting process with several stakeholders. To provide seamless content management, we build portals with well-established CMS such as Refinery, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.
  • Scalability - Most of the time, we customize an off-the-shelf product such as Drupal, thus providing our clients access to numerous modules (such as calendars, chat, e-commerce, and discussion forums) developed by the open source community, that can be readily integrated to their portal.

Doubleclick has extensive experience developing robust web portals, catering to the diverse needs to our customers. Our customer centric approach where we listen to our customers, understand their goals and suggest best fit solution. We have the necessary expertise in developing web portals on multiple platforms including wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and Refinery.