Security Design & Architecture

Security provided by IT Systems can be defined as the IT system’s ability to being able to protect confidentiality and integrity of processed data, provide availability of the system and data, accountability for transactions processed, and assurance that the system will continue to perform to its design goals.

As the needs of your business continue to change, technology and personnel change too. To combat this evolving environment, you will need a concise blueprint of your current security infrastructure to identify areas that may be vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Information security shall be considered from the beginning

Information security in computer systems and networks is not just something you can add later - it has to be taken into account early in the system design. Also, to be able to balance between the information security level and the associated costs, a systematic approach is required. This is the only way to ensure that an optimal set of security features is implemented into a system.

Protection level driven architecture design

We have designed and implemented various critical solutions demanding high levels of information security for customers in governmental, military and business sectors where classification levels have ranged from public to protection level II (secret).We offer information security architecture design where the results can be used as a basis for an RFQ or a software development project.

Our offerings

1Security health check services

  • Review of key network components
  • To verify the compliance with standards
  • Approach to maintain security of services, networks and architecture

2Security Architecture Assessment Services

  • Review of network security business goals, objectives and operations requirements
  • Gap analysis to pinpoint security vulnerabilities that need to be addressed first
  • Help you understand security risks to meet compliance requirements

3Security Architecture and Design Consulting

  • Expert consultants onsite building a framework for devices and services creating a blueprint to protect key assets
  • Prioritize assets for security monitoring
  • Meet all necessary regulatory compliance requirements