Application Performance Monitoring

In a time when businesses are literally being rewritten by software, applications have now become the face of your business. In this age of rapid adoption and rapid rejection, you have mere seconds to impress your users. This is the reality of the app economy. Despite the enormous complexity of today’s application delivery chain, your end users expect a flawless experience regardless of how, when or where they access your applications.

Application Performance Management solutions from DoubleClick proactively perform the application monitoring that businesses rely upon to stimulate user loyalty and create a competitive edge. This comprehensive mobile-to-mainframe application performance management suite delivers application performance monitoring solutions that provide insight for in depth root cause diagnostics across development and production applications, scales to your organization’s need and automatically correlates multiple metrics to help you sort through the data and act decisively, helping to make every user interaction a loyalty building experience.

1Our Offerings

  • End User Experience Monitoring
    • Active end-user experience monitoring
    • Passive end-user experience monitoring
    • Synthetic transaction management
  • Application topology, discovery and visualization
  • User-defined transaction profiling
  • Application component drill downs to uncover abnormal behaviors at a component level
  • IT operations reports and analytics
  • Isolate, resolve and automate the resolution of application or infrastructure bottlenecks – in production
  • Get an integrated view of real-time application performance, user experiences, and infrastructure capacity

Network Monitoring Solutions

DoubleClick provides application-centric server monitoring that proactively detects performance issues and resolve them quickly. With the solutions in place, you would have to spend less time in managing the software instead of managing your network.


  • Monitor server infrastructure with metrics on CPU, Memory, Disk and network metrics for Linux and Windows
  • Monitor any server within minutes with zero configuration
  • Monitor every element of your infrastructure including mainframes and load balancers
  • Extend the monitoring support to Virtual Machines
  • Get a complete overview of entire server landscape organized in logical hierarchy
  • Get a summary of CPU, memory, disk and networks usage and trend for all servers
  • Information on top ten processes consuming CPUs and memory with highly intuitive dashboards
  • Detailed information on all the processes running on the server
  • Complete details on threads, CPU and memory consumed by the processes
  • Setup policies to automate problem resolutions
  • Analyze infra needs with pre-built correlation between CPU utilization/response time and application load
  • Improve operational efficiency with out-of-the-box, customizable dashboard, alerts and reports