HR Connect Add On

DOUBLE CLICK HR CONNECT - SAP HR CONNECT, a Human Resource Management System providing comprehensive, effective and efficient way to manage an Organization’s most valuable assets, its employees. The solution is extremely flexible and comes with core modules that are necessary for any HR department and optional modules that can be obtained depending on the requirement. HR Connect is simple yet powerful solution built on SAP Business One Platform. It complements the robustness, scalability and user intuitiveness of SAP Business One

  • Employee Information Manager
  • Attendance Management
  • Employee Salary Details
  • Loan Management
  • Employee Grievance Management
  • Disciplinary Management
  • Leave and Absence Management
  • Payroll Processing
  • Payroll Processing
  • Report Navigator

Employee Information Manager

The Employee Information Manager is the core module to this Comprehensive SAP B1 based application. It maintains all relevant Employees related information including various pertinent personal Information, detailed qualifications, work experience and so on. Information captured in the module is further utilized by all the other Modules thus eliminating data redundancy.

1Key Features

  • Personal Information
  • Contact Details
  • Job Information
  • Medical History
  • Qualifications
  • Work Experience
  • Salary and Bank Details
  • Document Attachments
  • Reminders
  • Membership Information
  • Reporting Hierarchy


This feature lets HR manager attach and save employee documents which are pertinent for Organization. Most of the well known document formats are acceptable. Some of the documents which can be attached are passport copy, visa copy, educational degrees, Certificates, previous employment contract, current employment contract etc.

3Medical Details

This feature lets HR manager to capture medical information and treatment history if any. This can be also used to capture data for medical checkups conduct by the organization. Some of the details which can be captured are Weight, Height, Blood Group, pre existing diseases etc.


Enable HR manager to set reminders for any event or action for any employee. The automatic alerts assists managers in completing the necessary task within the stipulated deadline. Thus providing better employee service and management. For example : HR manager can set the reminder for VISA renewal with deadline 2 months before the expiry date. The automatic alerts will enable HR manager to proactively work on the tasks.

Attendance Management

Attendance Management ensures that HR and Accounts teams track and Manage Employee timings and attendance effectively and efficiently. The HR Connect system Automates calculation of employee attendance using parameters like overtime, shifts etc. The HR connect solution can be integrated with any hardware and can Effectively Manage all types of attendance systems like fingerprint biometric device, swipe cards etc.The employee attendances data from biometric system can also be uploaded In HR connect solution for payroll processing. The integration can be configured As per companies policies and current systems.

1Key Features

  • Capture work schedule of employees
  • Capture data of shifts
  • Integration with Biometric Systems
  • Capture daily attendance from biometric system
  • Upload monthly attendance data for an employee
  • Use the attendance data for payroll processing
  • Capture details of overtime
  • Maintain Holiday list

Employee Salary Details

Employee Salary Details section enables HR manager to check the salary details of any employee. It details out the complete salary breakdown including HRA, other Allowances, NSS etc as per the company policy. This can be configured and customized s per your requirement.

Loan Management

Loan Management is an integrated platform to manage benefit-related functions In the organization. This module is specifically designed to manage loans, with Possibilities to define benefits, entitlements, modes of payment and myriad of other areas. Loan Management enables HR manager to effectively and efficiently manage all loans provided to the employees by management. The features make you keep a close look on monthly EMI installments.

1Key Features

  • Define Loan Types – With or Without Interest
  • Maximum amount granted
  • Check loan duration
  • Check no of installments and amount of installments
  • Check amount settled
  • Handle multiple currencies
  • Capture details of overtime
  • Maintain Holiday list
  • Change loan status according to amount paid and outstanding
  • Option to select different payment reimbursement method
  • Check total of EMI missed and corresponding amount
  • Inbuilt EMI calculator and status against each EMI

Employee Grievance Management

The Grievance management is a significant module covering the full cycle of handling and recording of employee grievances in a smooth and easy to use mannerism. An effective grievance procedure ensures an amiable work environment because it redresses the grievance to mutual satisfaction of both the employees and the managers. It also helps the management to frame policies and procedures acceptable to the employees. It becomes an effective medium for the employees to express t feelings, discontent and dissatisfaction openly and formally.

1Key Features

  • Define grievance types
  • Handle grievances from start to end
  • Allocate from management for handling grievances
  • Change status of grievances for next HR policy
  • Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and annual report

Disciplinary Management

The Disciplinary management covers all disciplinary action taken with regards to Employees –information about charges, internal inquiries and warnings. This module covers the investing details and impact of offence on the salary Payment. The exhaustive reports provides insight to management on behavior of employees

1Key Features

  • Details of employee against which the disciplinary inquiry is being carried out
  • Disciplinary information
  • Dates of offense
  • Assignment of investigation officer
  • Review impact of salary due to offence
  • Details/comments of action taken
  • Internal inquiry information
  • Warnings and their history
  • Define multiple offence categories and their impact of pay
  • In sync with payroll processing

Leave and Absence Management

The absence and leave management module is a comprehensive module Allowing Extensive possibility for defining leave types, holiday schedules, leave entitlements and leave schedules. It also assists with leave application processing, checking leave Balances, leave history, shift workers leave. The absence details will be pulled from the attendance module which intern will be integrated with biometric system. The leave management will also handle Half day or emergency leaves during working day. It also enables HR managers to oversee the overtime of employees on daily basis. And calculate the necessary changes in salary pay.

1Key Features

  • Define multiple leaves and short leaves type
  • Define multiple leave groups
  • Leave entitlements
  • Leave approval/cancellation
  • Employee overtime management
  • History-Leave details
  • Multiple holiday calendars
  • Leave groups or shift workers leave
  • Leave adjustments
  • Daily absence calendar
  • Overtime salary calculation

Payroll Management

The payroll management module integrated in HR connect on SAP B1 is easy to use Solution which can be used to generate pay slips, view payroll related reports, Handle increments, process multi- currency transactions, loans, reimbursements And so on. The module is totally coupled with Time and Attendance modules to Process attendance related payments including overtime. Moreover it is highly customizable and can handle sophisticated and complex Calculations defined by user. It enables HR managers to define various Salary components, tax slabs, and multiple grades. The addition and deductions of salary Because of overtime, loans, special allowances etc. are also done automatically. The payroll module covers all the forms and regulations Which Government of Tanzania has made compulsory for Tanzanian companies.

1Key Features

  • Supports employee transfers, promotions, salary revisions
  • Earnings, deductions and contributing calculations
  • Formula builder for variable transactions
  • Audit trails
  • In compliance with Tanzanian tax laws
  • Manual Adjustments
  • Enhanced loan module
  • History maintenance
  • Management reports
  • Pay slip printing and all status reports
  • Bonus module
  • Discrepancy report – before and after processing

Report Navigator

The report navigator module facilitates preparation of management reports on daily, monthly, and quarterly, half yearly or annual basis as per user requirements. The reports can come in numerical as well as in graphical form. Apart from obtaining Predefined reports from all the purchased modules, you can use this module to view custom Reports that can be created using crystal reports and store them as part of the system.

1Key Features

  • User definable combination for reports
  • Comprehensive standard set of reports for all modules
  • Separate reports for particular data can also be customized
  • Using crystal reports, any type of user defined reports can be created for which data is available in the system