Fleet Management Addon

Our Fleet Management Solution, built on robust, scalable and intuitive platform of SAP Business One provides visibility and control over, the Organizations costs and operations of their fleet and people in order to manage them more effectively. The solution is simple but very powerful and helps Organizations achieve increased revenue and profitability by completing more jobs more efficiently by sweating out existing assets i.e. fleets and drivers.

The solution is extremely flexible and comes with core modules that are necessary for any Organization with significant fleet size and optional modules that can be obtained depending on the requirement.

What we Offer

1Increase Profitability and Reduce Costs

Save money on fuel, Maintenance Services by finding the best leasing option for you using historical data. Identify performance of drivers and use drivers who have performed well more often. Respond to customers more quickly at the time of order as you are aware of your fleets position and health from a single window.

2Improve Driver Safety while Controlling Costs

Instruct your drivers to stay safe and prompt incase of any deviation from the defined standards in real time. Better driving could save you money with few service appointments

3Effective Asset Utilization

Monitoring the locations and status of vehicles also provides important insight as to the readiness of vehicle to be reloaded or sent to another job.


Real time with configurable rules-based alerts sent to your Screen, email or phone.

5Service Management

Plan, Schedule and record vehicle maintenance costs and history

Product Features

1Vehicle Management

  • Vehicle Types Masters, Trip/Shipment Order
  • Driver vehicle tracking, Movement tracking, Vehicle return checklist
  • Per usage log expense management, GPS tracking

2Setup Configuration

  • Ship charge expense type
  • Stop type, Parts type, Position type
  • Part positioning, Checklist master

3Driver Management

  • Driver licenses
  • Driver details
  • Driver wages/cost

4Fuel Management

  • Fuel consumption

5Insurance Management

  • Agent master
  • Insurance master

6Maintenance Management

  • Parts master
  • Scheduled Maintenance, Jobs card, Parts issue
  • Change parts position, Vehicle return checklist

7Document Filling

  • Process setup
  • Filing master
  • File movement status

8Tire Management

  • Tire movement
  • Tire position log
  • Time movement log


  • Our fleet management solution offers a wide range of online reports graphs that are available in multiple formats. Access to reports can be set by authority level. All the reports are configurable and customizable
  • Tire movement report
  • Tire history report
  • Trip order/Shipment order report
  • Parts order history
  • Job card history
  • Trip analysis report
  • Daily vehicle movement status report
  • Monthly trip analysis
  • Route analysis by vehicle