Data, Web and End Point Security

Data Security Solutions

DoubleClick’s solutions solve data protection problems across a range of industries and use cases for protecting data-at-rest with encryption, access controls and intelligent log data around access to encrypted information.Solutions in each area:

  • Support compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Enable organizations to meet contractual requirements for data protection from customers and partners
  • Help to protect intellectual property and financial data
  • Safeguard sensitive information from data breaches
  • Enterprise grade DLP solution which simplifies data security both for internal and external compliance

1Our Offerings

  • Big Data Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Database Encryption
  • Key Vaulting
  • MS SQL Encryption
  • NAS Security
  • Oracle Encryption
  • Privileged User Access Control
  • SAAS data security
  • Securing unstructured files
  • TDE Key management

Web Security Solutions

Every enterprise is at risk from web-borne threats. DoubleClick’s Web Security solutions help you minimize your vulnerability and educate your end users about unsafe practices. Our solutions provide real-time protection for secure use of web 2.0 through traffic monitoring and prevention of high-risk activity.

1Our Offerings

  • Identify zero day malware and other malicious activity across the organization to stop the latest advanced persistent threats
  • Next generation secure web gateway to monitor web traffic in real time to prevent malware.
  • URL filtering to reduce unsafe web browsing and improve policy enforcement.
  • App control, cloud-based reputation and gateway antivirus
  • Centralized user based security management to provide your complete visibility of usage
  • SSL certification for compliance standards

Endpoint Security

“IT organizations lack the ability to detect issues and spot early warning signs that malware has slipped past preventive measures.” - Gartner

DoubleClick’s enterprise-level endpoint security incorporates advanced anti-malware, flexible control tools, data encryption and systems management functionality, so your business benefits from multi-layer defenses

1Our Offerings

  • Block advanced malware and other cyber attacks against endpoint security from spreading beyond compromised endpoints
  • Extend network, email and data security platforms to endpoints on or off premise
  • Apply custom, community and global threat intelligence to detect threat targeting your organization or industry
  • Validate incidents on endpoints without waiting for access or exposing administrative credentials to an attacker
  • Interrupt attacks in progress and strengthen endpoint security by quarantining systems without hindering incident response efforts
  • Stop attackers from moving to other systems in the network
  • Automate data collection across large number of systems to provide better insight for remediation and help prevent future attacks
  • Vulnerability assessment and patch management
  • Multi-layered security – including encryption
  • Web control, application control, device control
  • Centralized management of security and systems